I grew up in a home where radiofans where part of my surroundings, and I became a radiomechanic myself. I have therefore been with radios right from the director reciever through the Hifi Stereo system, and I have seen how a thriving Danish radio industry which counted 18 Danish produced brands in 1950, slowly but surely was reduced to only one manufacturer. The reason was twofold. In the late fifties the great TV boom occured and the adjustments needed by the factories swept the feet out from under some of them and the rest fell when the Japanese marched into the market in the sixties. It became a pricewar and not a quality war. The truth of this is easily seen by the many devices in this collection, that are still functioning.

This radio collection started just like the motorcycle collection with my own interest for earlier technology.

Will your Japanese stereo function fifty years from now??

The collection is, besides being a tribute to the Danish inventors who created radio-broadcasting, also a reminder that there was a time when we in Denmark and the rest of Europe were self-supplying with electronics.

Benny Ahlburg