In 1977 a museum of veteran motorcycles was inaugurated in Stubbekøbing. Since 1960, Erik Nielsen, a house painter from Karleby has been responsible for the collection. In 1977 the municipality of Stubbekøbing accepted the offer to take over this collection while guaranteeing to take responsibility of providing premises for it.

The period of the motorcycles exhibited (approx. 170 machines in all) ranges from 1897 to half a century onwards. The greater part of the machines are thoroughly restored and all of them are able to start within a few minutes.

Erik Nielsen

In 1983, the museum received a substantial collection of old radio sets, loudspeakers, and grammophones, a gift donated by Benny Ahlburg from Nykøbing F. In this way the municipality has been given a momento of the inventor of the loudspeaker, Peter L. Jensen who was born in the municipality and brought up in the pilot house next to THE BATTERIES in "Østerskoven". Peter L. Jensen emigrated to America and became world-famous for his invention.

Vagn Wiberg